“I have been working with Rick for about 6 months. I could never of thought when we had our first coffee and chat about heading on a new healthy life path where i would be 6 months later.

In my case it just wasn’t about losing weight even though that was the main goal. My working life involves constant travel both domestically and internationally.. The trouble with my working lifestyle i was making poor choices in diet and long working hours. I clearly needed a better balance… But after doing this for more than 30 years bit by bit you just get off track without realising….

Now 6 months later I have lost over 10kg and my whole mental outlook on life is certainly far healthier than where I was 6 months earlier. It has been a lifestyle change, not a yo-yo diet which is where I had been before. I have now learnt to balance life, healthy eating with exercise… As you said there is no quick fix…

It’s all about making better choices and eating “real food”… What you have taught me is how making better choices can make real differences and it also becomes easier and more sustainable…

Thanks for all of your guidance. Cheers.”
Dale, 53

“It is never easy to make changes. It takes effort and support. The expertise and knowledge offered by Rick provided me with the confidence and drive to make lifestyle changes that have me feeling happier, calmer, more confident and energetic.

Rick was always friendly, approachable, and extremely helpful. He was genuinely concerned for my wellbeing and available to answer all my questions. He developed a program specifically designed around my goals and objectives and suited to my individual needs. I knew I could trust Rick’s advice and I can see the difference it has made in my life.

I can honestly say I have received the best advice and support working with Rick at Prime Life. It has been life changing and life affirming.

Thank you Rick and keep up the great work.”
Tim, 47


Achieve an optimal quality of life with vitality, energy and purpose, to live life to the fullest.

Primelife is a lifestyle program designed around your goals and objectives in achieving an optimal quality of life with vitality, energy and purpose, to live life to the fullest.
The Prime Life Program is designed for men approaching, have arrived at, or have moved through middle age.
The aim is to LIVE WELL now, to AGE WELL.

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