Prime Life is a 3 month Health and Lifestyle Program that focuses on your individual goals and objectives. We take a holistic approach in balancing our 4 key pillars of health and wellbeing of Nutrition, Movement, Rest and Happiness. It may be that initially we need to focus more on one or two areas than another to get you into balance. Within each of these 4 pillars are a number of key elements to include in our daily life to get maximum results. Our aim is to have you thriving in all pillars by the end of the program and that you have the tools and strategies to incorporate into your life going forward.

The program is for men approaching or have reached middle age who want to transform certain areas of their lives to be the best version of themselves both now and into the future, whether that be to lose weight, gain more energy and vitality, improve mobility, overcome some current health issue, manage stress or any number of issues that may be holding you back to where you want to be.

The program is for men who are committed to get the results they are after and are willing to follow the program throughout its entirety.

This is not a quick fix program and not for those who are after such.

Results don’t happen overnight. You may have accumulated years of sub optimal eating, movement and other lifestyle choices and as a result there are no quick fixes. 

We need to build a personal lifestyle program that you can easily implement into your life for you to get the results you are after and continue to thrive.

There are a host of conflicting information on line covering all types of diets and exercise options, however it is important to have a program built relative to your personal needs and be guided over a 3 month period to see what works for you.  This will allow your body and systems to adjust through the phases of the program to provide a safe and effective outcome in reaching your goals that you can incorporate into your lifestyle going forward.  

Key to the success of the program will be through the empowerment and accountability provided by me as your personal Health Coach to support you through your transition.

My commitment is to guide, empower and support you on your personal path to achieving your health, wellbeing and lifestyle objectives.

We will work on a one to one level by meeting weekly, either in person or via Skype or Zoom.  In between those meetings you can email me at any time with questions or issues that may arise from time to time so you are never left wondering what you should be doing.

You will have access to resources in the member only section of the Prime Life website. I will also provide relevant resources and information that are specific to your situation.

I will be there for you throughout the process, providing accountability to ensure you get the results and outcomes you are after.

I am also happy to work with your other health professionals so as to collaborate to get the best results for you.

Finally, upon completing the program, there is a facility to continue on a month to month basis to receive further ongoing support and continue to access the resources in the members only section. Furthermore, those who complete the program can attend future Prime Life Mens Health workshops at no cost and discounted access to future Mens Health retreats. 

First up it is a program designed specifically for men who are either approaching or have reached middle age. The strategies are in sync to where we are at as men and our transition into the second half of our lives.

The Prime Life program is a Lifestyle program that meets you where you are currently at, and guides you through your transition to the outcomes you are after.  We take a holistic approach to incorporate our 4 key pillars of physical and emotional well being via optimal nutrition, movement, rest and personal fulfilment.

The program provides you with a personal blueprint for you to move forward in designing your ideal life of health, vitality, and purpose giving you the freedom to be the best you can be as you transition into your later years.

My study and research is focused around what is required for men, and in particular men approaching or have reached middle age to thrive at this stage of our lives and going forward into our older years. Men at middle age and older have different hormonal and nutrient needs than women and younger men requiring more specific dietary, functional movement and lifestyle approaches. Furthermore, as I have transitioned through this period of life, I have an understanding of where you are at, your challenges and can therefore guide and support you through your desired transition.

Not necessarily. The program can be completed without joining a Gym or any exercise equipment, however I will suggest some equipment that may be of benefit to you as you progress.

If you currently go to a gym or wish to join one, that’s great, but not necessary.

We meet your movement and exercise requirements where you are at and build from there. Importantly the program is based around functional body movement exercises, therefore can be done with body weight exercises only.

This will be different for each individual. The aim is to achieve the results you are after personally. We will asses where you are currently at, and where you want to be in all areas of your health, fitness and overall well being and put together a personalised program to achieve that. 

Likely outcomes would also be:

– Excess Weight and Fat Loss                                                                 

– Increased Hormonal Optimisation

– Improved Cognition and Productivity

– Increased Energy and Vitality

– Increased Libido

– Higher Self Esteem and Confidence.

– Less Stress and Mood Swings.

– Better quality Sleep

– Improved skin quality

– Stronger relationships

– Increased Longevity and quality of life.

We have 3 levels of programs ranging from 6 weeks, 12 weeks and 6 months depending on the level and type of transformation you are after. We can also tailor a program suitable for your individual needs so will discuss this with you upon our initial free discovery call or meeting.


Achieve an optimal quality of life with vitality, energy and purpose, to live life to the fullest.

Primelife is a lifestyle program designed around your goals and objectives in achieving an optimal quality of life with vitality, energy and purpose, to live life to the fullest.
The Prime Life Program is designed for men approaching, have arrived at, or have moved through middle age.
The aim is to LIVE WELL now, to AGE WELL.

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