Life is movement. Through movement we experience and transform ourselves.

Our focus here is on functional movement. This is what is most important for men as we age rather than breaking down our bodies with excessive weight lifting and chronic cardio sessions. We don’t want to, or need to be spending hours in the gym or long cardio sessions. This is counterproductive to healthy aging and a balanced lifestyle.

Our aim is to strengthen our bodies to perform our day to day activities as well as we can as we move into our older years. Natural movements patterns of bending, squatting, twisting and lunging, along with pushing and pulling are the key tenets of longevity. Incorporating this is flexibility, balance and core strength to maintain and improve mobility as we age.


The Prime Life movement program can be done without the need to join a gym and with minimal or no weights or accessories.

Prime Life Movement is a lifestyle methodology, not an exercise program. It is designed to build functional strength and fitness, along with mitochondrial health with the aim of transforming the health and wellness of men aged in our 40’s and beyond.

We focus on the right exercises, movement and strategies for healthy aging and hormonal optimization for men with the ideal balance of intensity and rest/recovery.

It is important to build in a diversity of exercises to build strength, endurance, stamina, mobility and recovery. The timing and duration of such activities is key to getting the results we are after both immediate and long term. The Prime Life movement program does this in an efficient manner so as you can maintain this as part of your lifestyle. The outcome will be a body that you are happy with and feeling great. Enough lean functional muscle mass to look good with enough strength to move and operate functionally.


Achieve an optimal quality of life with vitality, energy and purpose, to live life to the fullest.

Primelife is a lifestyle program designed around your goals and objectives in achieving an optimal quality of life with vitality, energy and purpose, to live life to the fullest.
The Prime Life Program is designed for men approaching, have arrived at, or have moved through middle age.
The aim is to LIVE WELL now, to AGE WELL.

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