The Prime Life Program is a 3 month program designed around the 4 principles outlined of our program:

  • Nutrition
  • Movement
  • Rest / Rejuvenation
  • Happiness / Fulfilment

Initially we will have a free, no obligation consultation to discuss your health and lifestyle objectives and if the program is a good fit for you. If we both agree that is the case we can then move forward.


The process commences with completing a health assessment consisting of a comprehensive Health and Lifestyle Questionnaire. This will form the basis of the priorities to focus on with regard to your overall health and wellbeing.
It is also critical to measure your progress so we will also do a body composition analysis at the start and at the end of each phase of the program, along with blood biomarkers at the start and completion of your program.

I am happy to work with your other health professionals as part of a team to see you achieve your health and lifestyle goals.

The phases of the program are as follows:
Phase 1. Re Set (Week 1-4)
Phase 2. Re Align (Week 5-8)
Phase 3. Re New (Week 9-12)
Phase 4. Re View (Ongoing)
The aim here is to ensure you have the tools and strategies to move forward to continue your health and lifestyle journey. You may however wish to continue with further support for your personal needs.

In the first 3 phases, we meet on a weekly basis to review your progress, and to provide accountability. These meetings can be in person or via phone, Skype or Zoom.

Following each meeting will be a summary of the previous week outcomes and instructions for the following week. During the week you can email me any questions you may have and I will also provide additional advice/material where needed.
I will be there to guide and empower you through this journey.


Achieve an optimal quality of life with vitality, energy and purpose, to live life to the fullest.

Primelife is a lifestyle program designed around your goals and objectives in achieving an optimal quality of life with vitality, energy and purpose, to live life to the fullest.
The Prime Life Program is designed for men approaching, have arrived at, or have moved through middle age.
The aim is to LIVE WELL now, to AGE WELL.

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